Counter Power Products LLC produced the Bar Top Charging Station due to a void in the market for an easy way to charge a cell phone while having a lunch meeting or an evening cocktail.

What We Offer

Bar Top Charging Station includes:

--- Four charging cables for Android phones and iPhones
--- Charge up to four phones at one time
--- Convenient napkin, straw and swizzle stick caddy
--- Three illuminated display panels with permanent internal        artwork to showcase your business
--- Outer backlit display panels are easily changed to                    customized graphics for special promo marketing
--- Black UV light on back of the charging station for the              bartender to check ID's and currency
--- Easy to clean removable textured mat
--- Removable front feet to allow placement of back feet in          the bar top drink rail​

About Our Company

Permanent background graphics on three sides with awesome back lighting.

Interchangeable graphics for additional advertising such as special drinks or special events.

Operation Instructions:

Charging station – Plug the charging station into the closest 110/120v GFCI outlet.

On/Off switch – Red toggle switch located on the rear of the charging station, bottom right.

Interchangeable graphics – To change the outer graphics, simply remove previous graphics display card and insert your new display card.

Black UV light – Press red button on the rear of charging station (bottom center) and hold while verifying ID or currency under the UV light.

Removable mat – To clean or replace the textured mat, pull the mat away from the charging station and replace with clean or new mat in same position.